What will the kids of today do for childhood memories when they are the adults of tomorrow?!!

January 26, 2010

Denis the menaceIPC Media have announced they are to re-launch Melody Maker, the music newspaper that in recent times shared a stable  with the thoroughbred NME ( New Musical Express ) when the two  publications merged in 2000.

Briefly and fleetingly the news of the return of one of the many prodigal iconic sons from the seventies, heralded a trumpet fanfare in the recess of my mind occupied by nostalgia. (more…)

Selling Britain by the pound of chocolate – all because the Cadbury shareholder loves the dollar more than Milk Tray

January 19, 2010

CadburyFor several weeks now speculation has been rife that the US conglomerate Kraft was licking it’s lips and would soon  swallow the United Kingdom’s leading chocolate / confectionery brand, Cadburys.

Well today the “Wispa” is about to come reality, with Kraft’s announcement of it’s improved £11.9 billion takeover. Willy Wonka will be turning in his grave, along with the Quaker founding fathers of this most iconic of British brands and institutions!! (more…)

Guardian newspaper Top 50 TV drama poll shuns Ancient Rome soap opera

January 16, 2010

I-ClaudiusThe Guardian newspaper’s TV critics have just published their Top 50 TV Dramas, which is to all intents and purposes an authoritative and accurate collation of TV dramas over the past 40 or so years, although “accuracy” is a very subjective term in this case!

However there is one massive, notable omission!! Where is one of the best examples of storytelling, supported by classically trained actors………”I Claudius”?!! This masterpiece is very conspicuous by it’s absence. (more…)

Magic Roundabout returns to television

January 13, 2010

Magic RoundaboutJonathan Ross’ announcement of his imminent departure from the BBC shores, has set in motion a merry go round in the ritzy, glitzy, world of showbiz.

Speculation is rife that Graham Norton, Chris Evans or Michael Mcintyre will be the lucky recipient of the Friday night chat show slot on BBC1, vacated by Jonathan Ross. Meanwhile, the pundits are backing a move to ITV for Ross, who will presumably be hired to replace the outgoing Harry Hill, who apparently is being headhunted, along with his ratings winner “TV Burp”, by Sky. (more…)