“Gordon’s Gaffe” will be a knock out blow for the Labour Party, unlike “Prescott’s Punch”!!

April 29, 2010

Gordon Brown’s  “bigotted” comment directed at a defenceless old lady from Rochdale, whilst ill advised, pales into insignificance Prescott Punchcompared with John Prescott punching a member of the public in the build up to Election 2001. However, in the final analysis it will be more damaging and detrimental to the Labour Party because it highlights major flaws in the Prime Minister’s personality.

On that earlier occasion, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair passed it off as being typical of “our John”. Prescott got away with it, and it was swept under the carpet by a far less self concious, more confident Labour Party. The reality is that the Labour Party  then were in a much stronger position in the polls, defending a large majority. In addition, the simple truth is that most of us when assaulted by a man throwing a raw egg at us, would probably have reacted in the same way. (more…)

The Leaders Debate – you can’t get a Rizla paper between their policies. If only they offered a contrast in opinions like the BNP and Marmite!!

April 23, 2010

Marmite JarOn the day that Unilever threatened to take legal action against Nick Griffin and the BNP, for using a jar of Marmite in their U Tube promotion, after last night’s televised “Leaders Debate” the viewer was left thinking that it’s a shame that mainstream politics isn’t more like Marmite, offering a contrast in opinions.

As Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats all fight for that narrow section of middle ground, the voter’s Rizla packlack of real choice becomes more and more apparent. There was a time when you could navigate an oilt tanker between the differing ideaologies of the mainstream parties. Now you would struggle to force a Rizla paper between their policies. Infact, if one of them had lit up a spliff on the podium, I’d vote for them for having the temerity and imagination to do it on live television!! (more…)

As Marketing Week reports an increase in marketing / advertising budgets – Rhetoric urges small businesses to err on the side of caution and to use cost effective Press Releases

April 19, 2010

Marketing Week logoMarketing Week reports today that marketing budgets have been revised upwards for the first time since 2007, according to the latest IPA/BDO Bellwether survey published today (19 April). This survey is widely held as the standard for the advertising industry. It reveals that for the first time in ten consecutive quarters, around 21% of companies reported a rise in their budgets, while only 16% noted reductions.

According to the survey: “Over a third of the 300 UK-based companies surveyed have set 2010 budgets higher than 2009 spend. This meant that the net balance for total marketing budgets rose from -7.2 to +4.5, the first signs of positivity since the third quarter of 2007. Media such as PR and experiential are seeing reductions in spending, as budgets move back towards above the line and digital marketing”. (more…)

Astute marketing by Mars as they resurrect the John Barnes rap from “World in Motion” anthem, evoking happy memories of Italia 90 World Cup

April 15, 2010

The news that Mars have persuaded footballer John Barnes to re-create his rap from New Order’s World Cup song “World in Motion” for a TV commercial, evokes happy memories of Gazza’s tears and Pavarotti’s “Nessum Dorma” tournament anthem, from possibly the best World Cup, Italia 90.

Mars BarSentimentality and nostalgia sells ( see earlier Oxo article in this Brand Marketing section ).  For this reason, Mars have very astutely aligned the brand alongside a positive memory that will long stay in the memory of any consumer aged twenty six and over!! The confectioner is also changing the packaging of the chocolate bar, so that it carries the white of the England shirts and the George Cross. (more…)