Top 15 Tips on how to use Facebook to Market the Small Business

June 16, 2011

Facebook has become omnipresent, or ubiquitous if you prefer, in every day life and society as a whole!! Facebook has become a fundamental strand in the tapestry of our culture. Originally Facebook was created and developed as a social media tool for the individual to network online with friends, associates and acquaintances. And then it became a business to business marketing tool with the big blue chip brands being the early adopters to strengthen brand awareness and brand loyalty. With more than 600 million active users globally Facebook’s traffic statistics are truly incredible!! If Facebook were a country it would be the third biggest in terms of population!! One third of the UK’s population is on Facebook and more than two thirds of B2C businesses say they’ve gained a customer through Facebook. Therefore it is now an important resource, medium and platform that SME’s ( Small to medium sized enterprises ) cannot afford to ignore, especially if your company / business is targetting the consumer ( as opposed to business to business )!! (more…)