How a PR Firm can help get your business to the top of the Google rankings

August 5, 2011

Most business owners, chief executives or marketing directors would agree that being near the top of page one on Google for relevant key word searches in their industry, market or field is paramount, in terms of customer acquisition online via their website. Achieving this is another thing!!

There are many so called “SEO Consultants” out there and in my experience for every genuine one, three or four are disingenuous, making spurious, unsubstantiated claims as to how they can put you at the top of the Google rankings for circa £250 in no time at all. This is total nonsense!! This can not be achieved at the flick of a switch – it takes time, effort and dedication. The unpoliced, unregulated Internet can be likened to, and draws an obvious parallel with the Wild West, and as such many of the “SEO Consultants” are the modern day unscrupulous cowboys!! You can spot them a mile off – they drive a stage coach instead of a company car!! Infact in the past they probably would have been selling second hand cars!!

Let me re-iterate that there are many professional, competent SEO consultants out there, with total integrity. Like anything though, you have to do your research or go by recommendation. Alternatively, consider using a PR Firm. Public Relations consultants / specialists have the basic skills and competencies required to do SEO ( Search engine Optimisation ) and help your business grow organically in the Google rankings. At the core of good search engine optimisation is the creation of relevant content for an identified audience. PR practioners are experts at targeting and conveying and communicating the correct message to the right market. Public Relations personnel automatically use keyword phrases in their everyday working lives in the Press Releases, Articles and Blogs they write for their clients. PR’s are well versed in creating content designed to attract customers to their clients’ products and services. (more…)