Ten Top Tips on how to Blog effectively to help market your business

September 2, 2011

Blog writing is a very effective way of marketing your business, product or service. First of all, blogging helps to bring personality and soul to your business and brand, winning the trust and loyalty of your existing customers and prospective customers of the future.  Also constant blogging will improve the Google ranking of your company’s products and services, because Content is King. New, unique content helps with Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ). Here are Ten Top Tips on how to Blog effectively.

1. Good titles / headlines are essential.

Make the title eye catching and engaging with witty puns, but equally your headline should be salient. Ensure the title is relevant and appealing to your audience. Also, make sure you include the most relevant keyword in your title to enhance SEO. See www.myfirstrecord/recordpress for examples.

2. Don’t be verbose.

Blogs are not intended to compete with “War & Peace”. Brevity is the art of wit and will keep your reader interested. Always write for your audience, in a chatty, conversational style as if you were talking with your mates down the pub or in your living room. If you remember the following 3 rules, you will not go far wrong –

a) Feel free to use bullet points

b) Keep paragraphs down to three or four sentences, followed by a white space

c) Write like you speak.  Short sentences with clarity of thought

3. Make sure that you blog on an external blog resource like WordPress and then embed it within your site.

Sites like WordPress have a strong SEO ranking by Google and the backlinks from the blog to your own website are extremely valuable in terms of enhancing SEO.

4. Plan ahead, if you are using your blog to promote new products or services.

If you are writing a blog to help increase awareness for a new product or service launch, don’t begin the blog on the day of the launch. You wouldn’t start to plan your wedding in the week it was due to take place!! Blogging is no different. Start it at least three months ahead of the scheduled event. Then, by the time the product is launched, the blog already has momentum and will already be established on Google searches.

5. Incorporate relevant keywords.

For each blog post, choose the relevant keyword phrases that are important to your brand and business and incorporate those phrase at a ratio of 3 – 4% in the copy. For example, if the post is 300 words long, you should be referring to the keyword phrase 10 or 12 times. Do not go above this ratio as Google will penalise you for over excessive use of keywords.

6. Include images with each blog post and tag them using keywords. Video links can and should be added too.

7. External links will boost your blog in terms of Google ranking.

Include relevant external links within posts where possible, which whilst benefitting your site in SEO terms, will also lend extra authority and give the reader a fuller experience.

8. Encourage use of the Reply Box at the end of the blog article.

Respond to reader comments, but also invite comments by asking questions in the blog. The aim is to engage the reader and the best way to actively do this is through a dialogue.

9. Work with tried and tested blog themes.

There are a number of types of blog posts that always seem to be very popular with readers –

a) Lists with a number in the title: “3 Ways to Improve…”, “10 Ways to enhance…”

b) A human interest story that is topical and current

c) Top 10 Tips:  people love tips, hints and practical advice

You will notice that this blog article ticks two of those three boxes – (a) and (c)

10. Use categories.

Blogging software, like WordPress, includes the option to categorise your posts, making it easy for readers to identify the blog articles that are relevant to them. For instance, this blog article falls under three categories –

a) Blogs / Blogging

b) Marketing for Small Businesses

c) Online / Internet Marketing

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