Selling Britain by the pound of chocolate – all because the Cadbury shareholder loves the dollar more than Milk Tray

January 19, 2010

CadburyFor several weeks now speculation has been rife that the US conglomerate Kraft was licking it’s lips and would soon  swallow the United Kingdom’s leading chocolate / confectionery brand, Cadburys.

Well today the “Wispa” is about to come reality, with Kraft’s announcement of it’s improved £11.9 billion takeover. Willy Wonka will be turning in his grave, along with the Quaker founding fathers of this most iconic of British brands and institutions!!

All because the Cadbury shareholder loves the smell of the dollar in preference to the taste of chocolate money. This is the end of a thirty year asset stripping exercise that has seen the rape and plunder of every brand that is quintessentially English, by the predatory Great White Shark of American corporate greed.

Of course the Prog Rock band, Genesis, predicted it all with the release of their 1973 album “Selling England by the Pound”. How visionary Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett were!!  Since that time, “Brand Britannia” has been flogged off like the family silver to the highest bidder.

Since the release of that twelve inch wide piece of black vinyl, not only has the British music industry evaporated along with the film industry, but it has been joined by every iconic British brand; this exodus is highlighted and epitomised  best,  by the loss of the elite car brands Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Jaguar.

All the new government in the spring need to do is privatise and sell off the last fragments and shredded fabric of the tapestry of British life – namely the BBC and The Royal Family!! Then we can toss some dust sheets on the remaining unwanted furniture and close the shutters at  Britannia House and depart these shores courtesy of Pan Am to live amongst the plastic pretension of the  USA.

Let’s face it, who wants to live in Third World Britain where there is nothing left now the manufacturing base and service sector have been outsourced to the “Rising Sun in the East”!!

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