Five top tips to help enhance impact and effectiveness of E-mail Marketing Campaigns

August 12, 2012

Here are 5 quick tips that you can implement in your E-mail Marketing Campaign to enhance it’s impact and effectiveness, ultimately leading to improved sales!!

No 1  Brand your E-maiIs

Remember that your branding, company logo and important messages should be visible in the email preview pane. The size of the preview pane varies between email clients but keeping this information in the top 400 pixels is the received wisdom. I literally received an E-mail yesterday from a services provider without any form of branding – as such I was less inclined to take the content of the e-mail or the company as seriously as I would have done with a logo attached.

No 2  Always include a Call To Action

Don’t be afraid to tell the recipients what you want them to do. Spoonfeed them their reaction / action. Do you want them to purchase a product or service from your website? Sign up to an event? Call you? Instruct the recipient as to their next step with a direct Call to Action!!

No 3  Test the E-mail Marketing Campaign

E-mails are incredibly easy to test. Some email marketing services even have testing built in. Consider testing these facets / aspects-

· Subject lines

· ‘From’ names

· The amount of copy you use

· Layout of the email

· Use of images

No 4  Always Personalise each E-mail

Be prepared to go that extra mile by personalizing each E-mail with a Christian or surname. Hopefully your database already has this information about your clients or prospective clients. If not, ask a junior member of staff to phone up each company to ascertain the name of a key decision maker in that organisation. Your emails will get a much better response and reception, if the recipient feels like they are receiving a personalised communication rather than a blanket mailshot sent to all and sundry!!.

No 5  Establish an E-mail Marketing Campaign Hierarchy

You should treat recipients on your mailing list differently based on their responses and interaction with previous emails you have sent. Try sending a following up email to all the recipients you know opened or clicked your last email. These people are the ones that are most engaged with your communication, and open rates, click through rates (CTR) and conversions will be higher when you make this distinction and tailor your follow up approach, whether by phone or e-mail accordingly


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