Footballers like Wayne Rooney must learn the lesson that with privilege comes responsibility!!

September 18, 2010

Coca-Cola is thought to be considering dropping their sponsorship deal with Wayne Rooney, following allegations that he had sex with a prostitute while his wife Coleen was pregnant. According to a report in last week’s Sunday Times, executives at the soft drink company’s USA head office have ordered its British wing to axe the England and Manchester United star over concerns that the revelations will taint its image as a family-friendly brand.

Wayne Rooney is believed to earn about £600,000 a year from his deal with Coca-Cola. He fronts  “Street Striker” on Sky Television where he helps amateur footballers develop their football skills. The show is sponsored by the drinks manufacturer’s Coke Zero brand, which is marketed to young men and is often referred to as “Bloke Coke”. The success and sustainability of Rooney’s association with the brand, and it’s target market, hinges on the footballer’s ability to be a positive role model. Clearly he has jeopardised and destroyed this position of trust and integrity, and therefore it is perfectly understandable that Coca Cola would wish to disassociate themselves from his damaged reputation.

These incredibly fortunate multi millionaire Premiership footballers must quickly adopt the altruistic and philanthropic mentality of the aristocracy and great industrialists of Victorian Britain, and beyond through to the modern day: namely that with privilege comes responsibility. Wayne Rooney should spend a few days with David Beckham at his football academy, and quickly grasp the fact that despite Beckham earning vast revenues through sponsorship and product endorsement, he spends a great deal of time and energy, putting a great deal back into the game at a grass roots level.

David Beckham is a fabulously talented player like Wayne Rooney, but unlike the latter he is a man of humility and compassion. Beckham quickly realised the lesson in his early twenties, that with privilege comes responsibility: he moulded himself into a positive role model and ambassador for the sport. It is quite likely that Rooney will one day become England captain, and have as long an international career as Becks: infact if he is spared major injuries, it is highly likely that he will exceed Beckham’s record of England caps for an outfield player. Rooney will be a top footballer for club and country for at least the next ten years, and therefore needs to embrace his responsibilities, and project himself in the most positive light possible.

3 responses to “Footballers like Wayne Rooney must learn the lesson that with privilege comes responsibility!!”

  1. Will says:

    I think ronny is a legend

  2. Will says:

    Sorry rooney is a legend and should not be judged on his life outsie of football.

  3. Nanny Jobs says:

    Wayne’s something of the comedian signing again to United after all that fuss, he should remember he’s Wayne Rooney, not Mickey 🙂