The Flintstones wins a poll as the most popular and catchy Kids TV programme theme of all time. Which one would you choose?

August 10, 2010

The Flintstones is the most recognisable, memorable and popular children’s TV show theme of all time, according to a new poll held recently by the PRS for Music. The catchy ditty from the series depicting the capers of cavemen, came in at No1 ahead of an illustrious Top 10 comprised of  Top Cat, Postman Pat, Scooby Doo, the Wombles, Grange Hill, Jim’ll Fix It, Danger Mouse, Bagpuss and Rainbow, in that order. PRS for Music interviewed 2,000 adults throughout the UK, and the survey also yielded the fact that Baa Baa Black Sheep is the nursery rhyme we remember most from our childhood!! If nothing else, this reinforces the power of music or dittys as a catalyst to evoke childhood memories!!

The marketing gurus and advertising agencies have long recognised the power of the catchy jingle, but have yet to really embrace classic kids TV show themes in TV commercials. It begs the question “why”? Any of the aforementioned theme tunes would immediately evoke a feel good factor in the consumer of a certain vintage, in the United Kingdom. This blog recently reported that Premier Foods have resurrected Linda Bellingham as the Oxo Mum, and Nestle last week brought back the Milky Bar Kid, albeit in adult form. Tetley announced last week that the Tetley Tea Folk are also to return, in a more contemporary incarnation. Clearly brand managers and advertising agencies are unashamedly peddling nostalgia, so perhaps they will pay attention to this latest poll and roll out some of the soundtracks from our childhood.

My Top Three favourite TV themes would be: 1) John Barrie’s “The Persuaders” theme ( starring a pre James Bond Roger Moore and Tony Curtis ) 2) “The Protectors” theme, performed by Tony Christie – “Avenues and Alleyways” ( starring Robert Vaughan and Nyree Dawn Porter ) and at 3) the theme to “Adventures of Black Beauty” ( starring the adorable Stacy Dorning and surprisingly a dark stallion!! ).

So which would be your favourite TV themes, that immediately transport you back to your childhood? Let us know in the comments box below……..

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