Top Three Tips to help businesses create effective & successful Content Marketing

July 12, 2012

What makes content “good” is partly a subjective call, but there are criteria and guidelines that will give your website content a universal appeal. There’s a big difference between content marketing and an entertaining blog. Content should always be viewed in the context of your company marketing strategy. Here are three fundamental components of effective content marketing:

No 1   Make it entertaining and informative

Just because you find your business, product or service interesting, doesn’t necessarily mean that others will automatically enthuse about it in the same way!! No one owes you their attention. You have to earn the interest, attention and respect of your prospective audience. To this end, your website content and marketing literature content needs to engage with your audience, by tapping into the desires and needs of your existing and prospective customers.

Therefore write content that’s entertaining and interesting. Create content that benefits the reader ie by offering tips that might might help them solve a problem. Also make sure your style and formatting is audience-friendly. No one wants to read long, unbroken paragraphs, even if the writing is high calibre. Use plenty of subheads, white space, and a clear, legible font.

Finally ensure that headlines, if not clever, at least convey clarity. Ensure the headline communicates how the reader will benefit from reading that piece of content.

No 2   Make it strategic

Not all entertaining, readable content will move a prospect closer to becoming a customer. It doesn’t matter how many Facebook “Likes” you have, if you are not communicating the benefits of doing business with you, then this is merely an exercise in vanity.

This is where professional copywriting skills will be of benefit to your business. You don’t actually have to be able to put the words together yourself – you can always hire a PR / marketing firm like Rhetoric PR. However you do need to understand the underlying strategic elements of copywriting. That means you need to understand the difference between benefits and features, and ensure your content focuses on the benefits of your product or service. Your content should include classic sales techniques such as “calls to action” and your “unique selling proposition” ( “USP” ) etc, but do not use sales overkill in your copywriting. Content should look like editorial, not advertising or a sales manual.

No 3   Share your message and content

Social media marketing at it’s most effective is content marketing. Social media ie Twitter and a Facebook page is the most cost-effective way to carry content right to the prospects you’re looking for.

Social media is a very effective medium or vehicle for getting your entertaining, interesting and strategic content shared. Research how your prospects and customers share the type of content you’re creating … then make it easy and palatable for them to share it with their friends and followers.

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