As Big Brother disappears from our TV screens forever, let’s hope Big Sister doesn’t!!

September 11, 2010

In the past ten years Big Brother has been a intrinsic part of our summers, filling the void of the “no man’s land” between the Spring and Autumn TV scheduling. But over that decade, it has become so much more than a stop gap or filler in the TV schedules. Big Brother has become woven into the fabric of the tapestry of our lives, and the public conciousness, as has the bridge between Big Brother housemates and viewers: the indefatigable and incomparable Davina McCall.

Davina McCall’s cheeky irreverence and quick wit, became “must see” viewing on Friday nights for ten years and cemented the foundations of the venerable institution that Big Brother became. Whether by accident or design, she became Big Brother’s Big Sister, dispensing “tea and sympathy”, support and empathy to bewildered, nervous contestants on their eviction; or gently deflating big egos with humour and incisive wit. During the ten year tenure of Big Brother, she has become a mother on three occasions, giving her “Yummy Mummy” status as well. Davina McCall oozes sexuality but imperatively, because she possesses a strong nurturing, maternal streak, this is in no way threatening to female contestants and viewers alike. This was paramount, as the vast majority of Big Brother viewers were women. (more…)

The Nightingale continues to sing on the airwaves into a fifth decade.

August 7, 2010

Radio 1 has announced that it will be celebrating presenter Annie Nightingale’s four decades at the station, with a night of programmes honouring her broadcasting career. “A Night with Annie Nightingale” begins at 7pm on September 9th with The Story of Annie Nightingale – a two hour documentary presented by Zane Lowe. The night continues at 9pm with a three hour tribute concert featuring artists all chosen by Annie, and at midnight till 2am “The Decade Mixes” will be a soundtrack of the best music Annie Nightingale has played over the last 40 years. The special night of broadcasting concludes with the best of the guest mixes from 2am-4am. (more…)

Alex Higgins, the genius who popularised snooker on TV, takes his final curtain call.

July 26, 2010

Alex “Hurricane” Higgins died over the weekend, but his legacy will last well beyond a few days of media tributes. This genius and enfant terrible brought snooker to the attention of the masses, and helped popularise the sport on television.

Although the advent of colour television and the the BBC2 programme “Pot Black” made the sport of snooker accessible to television audiences, it was Alex Higgins’ flamboyance and flair that engaged them. His genius for breathtaking shotmaking and showmanship excited audiences and left them spellbound. Few sportsman have the ability to do this, but the fiery Irishman was able to captivate an audience like no other in his chosen sport. (more…)

Jonathan Ross’ fall from grace and favour has parallels with his alter ego, Oscar Wilde!!

July 17, 2010

As Jonathan Ross took his leave of the stage for the final time on his BBC1 chatshow last night, I thought at least there is one final Radio Two show tomorrow morning. For me, as entertaining as his TV appearances have been, his natural habitat has always been radio. From now on, there will be a massive void on a Saturday morning where there was once wit and warmth, humour and imagination.

Jonathan Ross is a rare breed of broadcaster. I never felt that the medium of television did his talents full justice: he always seemed slightly stilted, heavily scripted and generally a little ill at ease. However radio, commonly referred to as the “Theatre of the Mind”, gave him the perfect vehicle to fully exercise his marvelous imagination and voluminous streams of consciousness. Ross is a natural raconteur, and radio unlike television gives you the licence to tell a story. His mastery of the English language, combined with his ability to weave a witty yarn really do make him the contemporary Oscar Wilde: exemplified by his physical appearance; the foppish hair, the sartorial elegance with the dapper suits all add to the image of a modern day “Dandy”!! In an earlier blog article, I suggested that he would dovetail perfectly into the role of Dr Who. However his work on Earth as a chatshow host is not done yet, as he will be returning to ITV next year. (more…)