As Ridley Scott’s new film is released, there is no evidence of Robin Hood in Nottingham……it’s as if he never existed!!

April 10, 2010

As Ridley Scott’s new Robin Hood film, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, is released in cinemas across the nation, there is a distinct lack of any tangible reference to Robin Hood in his ancestral and spiritual home of Nottingham. When it comes to history, culture and  iconic figures, Nottingham struggles to compete with the great English conurbations of London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, but surely Nottingham City Council are missing a trick?!!

Robin HoodWhere as those cities can boast that they gave the world a wealth of culture, Nottingham can only call upon a few claims to fame – namely the poet, Lord Byron, novelists DH Lawrence and Alan Sillitoe……not to forget Sue Pollard and Paper Lace who will be remembered for the cheesey No1 “Billy Don’t be a Hero”!!.

So in the face of so much competition from the great ex colonial cities of Great Britain, why on earth do Nottingham City Council stubbornly refuse to capitalise on the city’s greatest international export, global asset and brand, Robin Hood?!  Like Paper Lace’s “Billy”, he maybe mythical, but he is regarded as a hero. As soon as you tell any “Johnny Foreigner” that you are from Nottingham, their immediate response is “Ah, yes the home of  Robin Hood”. Nottingham City Council do not have to spend a penny on global marketing of this brand…….it’s already been done for them through the passage of time. (more…)