The Flintstones wins a poll as the most popular and catchy Kids TV programme theme of all time. Which one would you choose?

August 10, 2010

The Flintstones is the most recognisable, memorable and popular children’s TV show theme of all time, according to a new poll held recently by the PRS for Music. The catchy ditty from the series depicting the capers of cavemen, came in at No1 ahead of an illustrious Top 10 comprised of  Top Cat, Postman Pat, Scooby Doo, the Wombles, Grange Hill, Jim’ll Fix It, Danger Mouse, Bagpuss and Rainbow, in that order. PRS for Music interviewed 2,000 adults throughout the UK, and the survey also yielded the fact that Baa Baa Black Sheep is the nursery rhyme we remember most from our childhood!! If nothing else, this reinforces the power of music or dittys as a catalyst to evoke childhood memories!! (more…)

The Nightingale continues to sing on the airwaves into a fifth decade.

August 7, 2010

Radio 1 has announced that it will be celebrating presenter Annie Nightingale’s four decades at the station, with a night of programmes honouring her broadcasting career. “A Night with Annie Nightingale” begins at 7pm on September 9th with The Story of Annie Nightingale – a two hour documentary presented by Zane Lowe. The night continues at 9pm with a three hour tribute concert featuring artists all chosen by Annie, and at midnight till 2am “The Decade Mixes” will be a soundtrack of the best music Annie Nightingale has played over the last 40 years. The special night of broadcasting concludes with the best of the guest mixes from 2am-4am. (more…)

John Barnes Rap from “World in Motion” World Cup anthem reprised for a Mars TV advert, evoking happy memories of Italia 90

April 15, 2010

The news that Mars have persuaded footballer John Barnes to re-create his rap from New Order’s World Cup song “World in Motion” for a TV commercial, evokes happy memories of Gazza’s tears and Pavarotti’s “Nessum Dorma” tournament anthem, from possibly the best World Cup, Italia 90.

World Cup 1994 in the USA came a close second in terms of American razzmatazz and the high quality of the football. The skill levels Italia 90were incredible, with Georghe Hagi’s Romania and Hristo Stoichkov’s Bulgaria reaching the Quarter and Semi Finals respectively. And then there was Roberto Baggio’s goals taking Italy through to a lacklustre final, that saw him and Franco Baresi miss vital penalties in the shoot out to gift Brazil the World Cup for the first time in twenty four years. There was just one thing missing from USA 94………England!

However four years earlier, the vital ingredient for an England fan was there: Bobby Robson’s Boys were in attendance, a squad that included the enfant terrible, Paul Gascoine. Before the tournament Robson described Gazza as being “as  daft as a brush”………but that brush swept all before him, taking all the accolades as the most skillful player in a tournament that included Diego Maradonna and Roberto Baggio. (more…)

Should Cheryl Cole be a “Girl Aloud”? Better that she be seen but not heard!!

March 27, 2010

It’s been reported that Simon Cowell, architect of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, has hired Ellis Watson, a former managing X Factor logo IIdirector of Trinity Mirror, as chief executive of his Syco Entertainment venture.  As he hires one potential asset to his empire, perhaps he should consider firing Cheryl Cole, who is in danger of becoming a liability to his organisation.

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole is undoubtedly a very attractive human being. She has a face and dimples “to launch a thousand ships”, with a very endearing personality to match. What unfortunately she doesn’t possess is a great, or even good singing voice. As a member of Girls Aloud, she is carried by stronger vocal elements within the ensemble. Her pursuit of a solo career during a sabbatical from Girls Aloud, has cruelly exposed her technical deficiencies as a singer – no amount of distracting dancers and props at the Brit Awards could alter the fact that she displays weak vocals. Infact on subsequent live shows, there has been a strong suggestion that she was lip synching. (more…)