Why Press Releases are becoming more important to the hard pressed media

March 15, 2011

The Media Standards Trust has recently launched a new initiative and website to “help the public distinguish between journalism and churnalism”. “Churnalism” is the growing practice, whereby a press release is “cut and pasted” into a publication without any editing, qualifying or corroboration. This phenomenon has come about as a result of newspaper, magazine and broadcast operations vastly reducing the number of reporters and sub-editors within their organisations, to counteract and compete with the low overheads of Digital / Internet / Online publishing. This is particular problem in the regions, where the four main regional newspaper players Trinity Mirror, Johnson Press, Northcliffe and Newsquest have spent the last five years slashing journalists jobs as part of ongoing cost-cutting exercises aimed at making outlets more profitable. (more…)

The Nightingale continues to sing on the airwaves into a fifth decade.

August 7, 2010

Radio 1 has announced that it will be celebrating presenter Annie Nightingale’s four decades at the station, with a night of programmes honouring her broadcasting career. “A Night with Annie Nightingale” begins at 7pm on September 9th with The Story of Annie Nightingale – a two hour documentary presented by Zane Lowe. The night continues at 9pm with a three hour tribute concert featuring artists all chosen by Annie, and at midnight till 2am “The Decade Mixes” will be a soundtrack of the best music Annie Nightingale has played over the last 40 years. The special night of broadcasting concludes with the best of the guest mixes from 2am-4am. (more…)

Jonathan Ross’ fall from grace and favour has parallels with his alter ego, Oscar Wilde!!

July 17, 2010

As Jonathan Ross took his leave of the stage for the final time on his BBC1 chatshow last night, I thought at least there is one final Radio Two show tomorrow morning. For me, as entertaining as his TV appearances have been, his natural habitat has always been radio. From now on, there will be a massive void on a Saturday morning where there was once wit and warmth, humour and imagination.

Jonathan Ross is a rare breed of broadcaster. I never felt that the medium of television did his talents full justice: he always seemed slightly stilted, heavily scripted and generally a little ill at ease. However radio, commonly referred to as the “Theatre of the Mind”, gave him the perfect vehicle to fully exercise his marvelous imagination and voluminous streams of consciousness. Ross is a natural raconteur, and radio unlike television gives you the licence to tell a story. His mastery of the English language, combined with his ability to weave a witty yarn really do make him the contemporary Oscar Wilde: exemplified by his physical appearance; the foppish hair, the sartorial elegance with the dapper suits all add to the image of a modern day “Dandy”!! In an earlier blog article, I suggested that he would dovetail perfectly into the role of Dr Who. However his work on Earth as a chatshow host is not done yet, as he will be returning to ITV next year. (more…)