Magnificent Seven Top Tips for Promoting your Business on Facebook

September 19, 2012

Facebook can be a very effective tool for all types of businesses from blue chip corporates to small to medium sized businesses / enterprises ( smb’s / sme’s ) to reach and build a dialogue and rapport with their audience. Here are a “Magnificent Seven” Tips to help businesses to create a Facebook profile.

1)  Create a Facebook Fan Page

The first step is to start a Facebook fan page. The Facebook fan page should be designed to promote your business or a specific venture / project.. The Facebook Fan Page is easy to sign up to and create. Once you have filled in the Profile section, simply promote through your company communications media ie E-mails, your website or any other social media profile you may have such as Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

2)  Create a Facebook Event

Events can attract potential followers and therefore prospective customers who don’t have a savoir faire for the digital world. An event is the perfect opportunity to encourage these “Luddites” to join your Facebook fan page or visit your website. Host the event and give away promotional items or products to those that attend.

3)  Advertise on Facebook

Facebook offers a sophisticated advertising platform with a wealth of features and filters that allows businesses to target the precise person you wish to market to. Focusing your advertising campaign not only lets you keep the costs to a minimum but you’ll also find people that are far more likely to take action because you are avoiding a blanket saturation approach.

4)  Create a Facebook Group

Groups differ from Fan Pages and Events; they’re more like a collective behind a lobbying cause or consumer trend . A Facebook group can take on any shape and form; people can easily ‘like’ a Facebook group as it can relate to just about any broad or niche topic. For example, you could create a Facebook group related to your industry and / or marketplace. On your group page, you could share valuable information which would, in turn, get people interested in your personal brand.

5)  Have a Promotion or Competition and Link to Facebook

Why not have a Promotion or Competition, which you host on your website and promote through social media. Direct traffic to your Facebook page as a pre-requisite or qualifier for winning the prize ie have people sign up as their “entry” for the contest. Make the process as straightforward as possible, by removing the barriers of entry for your participants will greatly grow your Facebook following – make it simple as clicking a button for people to enter and share. By adding a further requirement for all people to further share the promotion / competition on their own Facebook profiles or other social media accounts, you can thereby create viral marketing for your promotion / competition and Facebook Page.

6)  Give away a free prize through Facebook

In order to capture data and Facebook followers, introduce an online incentive and promote it on a Facebook landing page. Create something such as an e-book or report that is of interest to your audience and give it away, for free, in exchange for someone following you on Facebook. To further improve your opt-in rate, add an email newsletter opt-in box to virtually guarantee that you gain a follower.

7)  Add a Facebook Widget to your Website

Finally, add a Facebook widget to your website. Since people won’t know about your Facebook profile, fan page, event, etc, they need to be alerted in some fashion and this can be easily achieved by adding the Facebook widget or symbol to your website. Add the widget to your sidebar above-the-fold so that it is permanently visible.


Top Three Tips to help businesses create effective & successful Content Marketing

July 12, 2012

What makes content “good” is partly a subjective call, but there are criteria and guidelines that will give your website content a universal appeal. There’s a big difference between content marketing and an entertaining blog. Content should always be viewed in the context of your company marketing strategy. Here are three fundamental components of effective content marketing:

No 1   Make it entertaining and informative

Just because you find your business, product or service interesting, doesn’t necessarily mean that others will automatically enthuse about it in the same way!! No one owes you their attention. You have to earn the interest, attention and respect of your prospective audience. To this end, your website content and marketing literature content needs to engage with your audience, by tapping into the desires and needs of your existing and prospective customers.

Therefore write content that’s entertaining and interesting. Create content that benefits the reader ie by offering tips that might might help them solve a problem. Also make sure your style and formatting is audience-friendly. No one wants to read long, unbroken paragraphs, even if the writing is high calibre. Use plenty of subheads, white space, and a clear, legible font.

Finally ensure that headlines, if not clever, at least convey clarity. Ensure the headline communicates how the reader will benefit from reading that piece of content.

No 2   Make it strategic

Not all entertaining, readable content will move a prospect closer to becoming a customer. It doesn’t matter how many Facebook “Likes” you have, if you are not communicating the benefits of doing business with you, then this is merely an exercise in vanity.

This is where professional copywriting skills will be of benefit to your business. You don’t actually have to be able to put the words together yourself – you can always hire a PR / marketing firm like Rhetoric PR. However you do need to understand the underlying strategic elements of copywriting. That means you need to understand the difference between benefits and features, and ensure your content focuses on the benefits of your product or service. Your content should include classic sales techniques such as “calls to action” and your “unique selling proposition” ( “USP” ) etc, but do not use sales overkill in your copywriting. Content should look like editorial, not advertising or a sales manual.

No 3   Share your message and content

Social media marketing at it’s most effective is content marketing. Social media ie Twitter and a Facebook page is the most cost-effective way to carry content right to the prospects you’re looking for.

Social media is a very effective medium or vehicle for getting your entertaining, interesting and strategic content shared. Research how your prospects and customers share the type of content you’re creating … then make it easy and palatable for them to share it with their friends and followers.

If you are an SME ( Small / Medium Enterprise / Company ) and you require help with your content writing, copywritiing, content marketing or general PR & Marketing, we would be happy to assist you. For further information……..

Before embarking on Content Marketing, you might like to read this Marketing Week article which outlines some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided………


Top 5 tips to help SMEs maximise PR / marketing benefits of Twitter

February 18, 2012

How often have you clicked on a Twitter button on a company website, to discover that they have neglected their social media tool, with only a handful of tweets, if any at all, and just as few Twitter followers as a result? With Twitter you definitely get out what you put in and ultimately get what you deserve!! So many companies fail to commit to Twitter, refusing to put any time or resource behind their Twitter presence. In truth most of the culprits are small to medium sized businesses ( SME’s ) who feel they should be on Twitter because so many others are, but are totally unconvinced its for them, and they don’t feel they can gain any business from it.

The irony is that in any other facet of business, an SME will plan and invest time and money in learning and developing knowledge and expertise through reading, listening or hiring experts. Small / medium sized businesses ( SMEs ) should take their lead from the large blue chip companies / big consumer brands – Twitter needs a long term approach, with a long term plan, supported by time and money invested into the execution of that strategy. So here are some tips on how to get the best for your business from Twitter –

Top 5 tips to help SMEs maximise PR / marketing benefits from Twitter

Tip No1: As we have said, you need to have a plan and not just jump on the Twitter bandwagon because everyone else is doing it. Understand and decide on your motivation for having a Twitter presence and develop your strategy accordingly. Are you there to build brand awareness? Are you there as a point of contact for customers?

Tip No2: Re-Tweet others regularly. Are you Re-Tweeting the right people? Are you targeting the right people? ReTweeting is a great way to get your business in front of a new audience.

Tip No3: Make a point of thanking those who take the time to ReTweet you or mentions you. Be chatty and start dialogues – this is what is meant by Social Media!!

Tip No4: Don’t Tweet exactly the same as what you have just put on your Facebook page. You will hopefully have people that follow you across multiple platforms and may access these platforms at different times.

Tip No5: Develop an online social media personality. Many Twitter accounts are as dry as a stick whilst being as wet as dull dishwater!! There’s an example of personality – have an opinion!! Let your Twitter followers know that they are interacting with a human and not an automaton or robot!!

If you are an SME ( Small / Medium Enterprise / Company ) and you require help with your PR & Marketing, we would be happy to assist you. For further information……..


When using Twitter to help market your business, observe protocol & use it as PR tool

November 22, 2011

When using Twitter to help market your small or medium size business, treat this social medium with care and respect the Twitter laws of protocol and etiquette. You should take a subtle PR approach to Twitter, not a Direct sales approach. If you apply this approach, Twitter is a fantastic social network that can be utilised by your business in order to build relationships with potential new customers and maintain a good rapport with existing customers. The PR benefits that can be gained by using Twitter correctly are enormous when it comes to raising awareness of your business, brand, products and services. (more…)