Sky Sports should replace Andy Gray and Richard Keys with Sooty and Sweep!!

February 1, 2011

The annals of TV history are filled with great comedy double acts – from the sublime Morecambe and Wise and the Two Ronnies to the ridiculous Cannon and Ball and Little and Large; not to forget the loveable Sooty and Sweep and Kermit and Miss Piggy. Andy Gray and Richard Keys have nothing in common with any of the former duos, bar the final one. In essence they are devoid of any sense of irony or humour , rendering them as no more than muppets from the bygone era of the politically incorrect 1970s!!

If Andy Gray and Richard Keys had even shown the modicum of humour displayed very sparingly by Cannon and Ball and Little and Large in the 1970s, they would have got away with their indiscreet remarks. Their disparaging, sexist comments came across as malicious due to a complete lack of humour. For this anachronistic pair, irony is something that you do once the clothes are dry at the end of the washing process!! Or correction, it’s something that women do, as part of their general domestic duties waiting on the man of the house!! They are humourless twirps, who clearly think that women are an inferior sex, who have no part to play in broadcasting and sport, other than for their own titillation and gratification!!

These two misogynists committed the cardinal sin of ignoring the first rule of broadcasting – whether you are in the studio, or doing an outside broadcast, the microphone is never off!! But they forgot an even more vital lesson – however long you have been on television, you should remember how lucky you are to be in that privileged position. And most importantly, as a TV presenter, with privilege comes responsibility – a responsibility to show decorum, humility and wisdom. A media presenter has the responsibility of being a role model.

I don’t think Andy Gray and Richard Keys will be missed in the slightest. They were both low on talent and high on pomposity and arrogance.  Their downfall was caused by their bloated egos and unfounded bombastic self importance. They will be easily replaced by Sky Sport. My vote goes to Sooty and Sweep, who will bring anarchical fun and humour to Sky Football, without offending and alienating Soo the viewer!!

Oh, and one other thing. Andy Gray and Richard Keys might consider in the quieter moments of their enforced retirement, that many men don’t fully understand the off side rule!!

As Big Brother disappears from our TV screens forever, let’s hope Big Sister doesn’t!!

September 11, 2010

In the past ten years Big Brother has been a intrinsic part of our summers, filling the void of the “no man’s land” between the Spring and Autumn TV scheduling. But over that decade, it has become so much more than a stop gap or filler in the TV schedules. Big Brother has become woven into the fabric of the tapestry of our lives, and the public conciousness, as has the bridge between Big Brother housemates and viewers: the indefatigable and incomparable Davina McCall.

Davina McCall’s cheeky irreverence and quick wit, became “must see” viewing on Friday nights for ten years and cemented the foundations of the venerable institution that Big Brother became. Whether by accident or design, she became Big Brother’s Big Sister, dispensing “tea and sympathy”, support and empathy to bewildered, nervous contestants on their eviction; or gently deflating big egos with humour and incisive wit. During the ten year tenure of Big Brother, she has become a mother on three occasions, giving her “Yummy Mummy” status as well. Davina McCall oozes sexuality but imperatively, because she possesses a strong nurturing, maternal streak, this is in no way threatening to female contestants and viewers alike. This was paramount, as the vast majority of Big Brother viewers were women. (more…)

As Reggae Reggae plays on with it’s biggest promotion yet, the success of the brand is due to the great PR story of Levi Roots.

August 20, 2010

Marketing Week this week announced that Reggae Reggae, the Caribbean sauce created by Dragons’ Den contestant Levi Roots, is launching its biggest ever promotion.  The instant-win on-pack promotion will offer consumers the opportunity to win Levi Roots branded merchandise: a Reggae Reggae VW camper van, oil drum BBQs, LeviPods, hammocks and Levi Roots’ cookbook “Food for Friends”. The consumer will be asked to enter a unique promo-code into a dedicated website to see if they have won prizes and everyone that goes to the site will be able to download a free Levi Roots track.

The promotion will be found on half a million Reggae Reggae Sauce bottles and will be supported by a consumer led PR campaign. Shah Khan, senior brand manager at AB World, which distributes the brand, says; “Truly engaging and motivating, on-pack promotions are rare in the condiments category, so with Levi Roots we have a real opportunity to create standout on-shelf and generate some buzz for the brand and the category as a whole.” As imaginative and inventive as the promotion is, the real gift to the brand manager, Mr Khan, is the man behind the brand – Levi Roots. Every leading brand’s marketing is helped by a strong, well crafted PR programme, and they do not come any better than this one: on this occasion there was a ready made PR story to support the marketing of the ready made sauces. (more…)

The Flintstones wins a poll as the most popular and catchy Kids TV programme theme of all time. Which one would you choose?

August 10, 2010

The Flintstones is the most recognisable, memorable and popular children’s TV show theme of all time, according to a new poll held recently by the PRS for Music. The catchy ditty from the series depicting the capers of cavemen, came in at No1 ahead of an illustrious Top 10 comprised of  Top Cat, Postman Pat, Scooby Doo, the Wombles, Grange Hill, Jim’ll Fix It, Danger Mouse, Bagpuss and Rainbow, in that order. PRS for Music interviewed 2,000 adults throughout the UK, and the survey also yielded the fact that Baa Baa Black Sheep is the nursery rhyme we remember most from our childhood!! If nothing else, this reinforces the power of music or dittys as a catalyst to evoke childhood memories!! (more…)