When using Twitter to help market your business, observe protocol & use it as PR tool

November 22, 2011

When using Twitter to help market your small or medium size business, treat this social medium with care and respect the Twitter laws of protocol and etiquette. You should take a subtle PR approach to Twitter, not a Direct sales approach. If you apply this approach, Twitter is a fantastic social network that can be utilised by your business in order to build relationships with potential new customers and maintain a good rapport with existing customers. The PR benefits that can be gained by using Twitter correctly are enormous when it comes to raising awareness of your business, brand, products and services.

Here is a Twitter Guide of Six Key Do’s and Don’ts

1) DO Tweet interesting content to create interest and therefore a following. This can include messages, links to newstories, links to blog articles, personal experiences, photos, video and more. You have to engage with your Twitter followers at all times!!

2) DO follow people that follow you. Twitter is a medium that works best with two way interaction and communication. You need to open up a dialogue. If you do not follow people, it translates as you not being interested in what they have to say. If you don’t do this, in essence it’s like your neighbour greeting you and you ignoring them!! So follow people who follow you.

3) DO interact with your Twitter followers. The vast majority of interaction on Twitter comes from (@)replying, (DM)direct messages and selective (RT) re-tweets. Many businesses make the error of using Twitter to blatantly self promote their own news, products and services and completely overlook engaging with their followers. So ask questions and invite opinions from your Twitter followers. Also always endeavour to acknowledge re-tweets and ff’s ( ie where others promote your Twitter feed )

4) DO NOT follow a disproportionate number of people on Twitter. If you are following a much higher volume of people compared to the number of people following you, people will question your motives and integrity. It will give the impression that you are spamming people with your own agenda rather than following people based on their individual merits.

5 ) DO use an Avatar image. When you create a Twitter account you are by default depicted by an egg and therefore you need to upload either a photo of yourself, your company logo/ branding or something you feel appropriately reflects or represents your business.

6 ) DO NOT hardsell. Avoid thrusting your products and services upon your Twitter followers in a pushy traditional double glazing salesman way. Twitter is most effective when used as a subtle “softly softly” PR tool. Nobody likes feeling that they are being sold to in the intimacy of their own home or office.

If you would like Rhetoric to set up a dedicated Twitter account or Facebook page for your company and then manage it as a PR & Marketing tool / platform to help promote your company…….

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