Media storm in FA “tea” Cup in the general scheme of things means precisely “FA”!!

February 1, 2010

Storm in a tea cup

It seems mildly absurd to me that England and Chelsea captain, John Terry, is being pilloried and villified in the press and media  for an an extra marital infidelity.

Of course nobody would condone a relationship outside a marriage, but equally who are we to condemn?! As public figures, John Terry and Wayne Bridge and their respective families know that their lives will be lived in the public forum, where they will be subjected to intense media scrutiny. But does this really give the public via the media’s coverage, the right to forensically turn over every sordid detail,  like digging over sods of earth and manure in a neighbour’s allotment!!

The irony here is that this is a fictitious scenario or analogy, because the fact of the matter is that it is precisely the lack of neighbourliness and community, that has led to the public seeking salacious gossip through the celebrity driven media. We no longer take enough interest in our local community and neighbourhood to learn any local scandal or gossip!!

The other issue that should be considered is that does this lack of fidelity undermine John Terry’s ability to do his job, leading the football players of Chelsea Football Club and England. Not in the least. John Terry is a world class defender and a natural leader. If every world class leader had been stripped of their status for cheating on their partners, John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton would not have even crossed the threshold of The White House, let alone used the sofas in The Oval Office for inappropriate activity!!

In the meantime, France and Italy would be perpetually going to the country to elect new Presidents and Prime Ministers. And even the UK’s most bland Prime Minister, John Major, would have had to “currie” favour with the electorate to stay in power!!

When we elect politicians to high office, we are entitled to expect them to uphold the highest moral standards. In reality we know that they probably will fail to achieve this because they are everyman, in that they are flawed like the rest of us. So why would we expect anything more from a working class lad who just happens to have a gift and a flair for playing football?!!

Can I suggest that the  moral outrage directed at John Terry is borne out of envy of a working class lad, who earns multi millions per annum and has a high profile in the media. Essentially the same set of criteria that caused the demise of Jonathan Ross’ BBC career!!

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