As Big Brother disappears from our TV screens forever, let’s hope Big Sister doesn’t!!

September 11, 2010

In the past ten years Big Brother has been a intrinsic part of our summers, filling the void of the “no man’s land” between the Spring and Autumn TV scheduling. But over that decade, it has become so much more than a stop gap or filler in the TV schedules. Big Brother has become woven into the fabric of the tapestry of our lives, and the public conciousness, as has the bridge between Big Brother housemates and viewers: the indefatigable and incomparable Davina McCall.

Davina McCall’s cheeky irreverence and quick wit, became “must see” viewing on Friday nights for ten years and cemented the foundations of the venerable institution that Big Brother became. Whether by accident or design, she became Big Brother’s Big Sister, dispensing “tea and sympathy”, support and empathy to bewildered, nervous contestants on their eviction; or gently deflating big egos with humour and incisive wit. During the ten year tenure of Big Brother, she has become a mother on three occasions, giving her “Yummy Mummy” status as well. Davina McCall oozes sexuality but imperatively, because she possesses a strong nurturing, maternal streak, this is in no way threatening to female contestants and viewers alike. This was paramount, as the vast majority of Big Brother viewers were women.

The cornerstone of Davina McCall’s success is built on the fact that men fancy her and want to be with her, and women either want to be her, or be with her. So where does she go from here? It was always a total mystery as to why her BBC Chat Show did not fare better with it’s ratings, as she is a very good interviewer, putting her guests immediately at their ease.  It would take a brave television commissioning editor to give her another chatshow, but there must be plenty of vehicles to showcase her undoubted talents. Her style would lend itself very well to the existing reality shows “Strictly Come Dancing”, “The X Factor” or “Britain’s Got Talent”, and programmes of their ilk. In the meantime, television will be poorer in her absence, and we look forward to seeing her back on our screens very soon.

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