As Marketing Week reports an increase in marketing / advertising budgets – Rhetoric urges small businesses to err on the side of caution and to use cost effective Press Releases

April 19, 2010

Marketing Week logoMarketing Week reports today that marketing budgets have been revised upwards for the first time since 2007, according to the latest IPA/BDO Bellwether survey published today (19 April). This survey is widely held as the standard for the advertising industry. It reveals that for the first time in ten consecutive quarters, around 21% of companies reported a rise in their budgets, while only 16% noted reductions.

According to the survey: “Over a third of the 300 UK-based companies surveyed have set 2010 budgets higher than 2009 spend. This meant that the net balance for total marketing budgets rose from -7.2 to +4.5, the first signs of positivity since the third quarter of 2007. Media such as PR and experiential are seeing reductions in spending, as budgets move back towards above the line and digital marketing”.

However we at Rhetoric would urge that small businesses or SME’s ( Small and Medium sized enterprises ) continue to err on the side of caution and think twice about increasing their advertising spend: we do not appear to be clear of the recession yet, and therefore it would be wise to continue to plough limited resources in to PR activity. There are two very good reasons for doing this. Firstly, public relations is a very cost effective way of generating FREE publicity.  Secondly, any editorial secured gives your company, business and brand a credible third party endorsement in your chosen media, whether it be the consumer or trade press.

Before committing to an expensive advertising campaign, consider ways of increasing your business’ profile through a Press Release, sometimes called a News or Media Release. You will be surprised how many potentially good news stories you might have bubbling away in your organisation – a significant anniversary is always a good peg to hang a story on ie a 10th, Silver, Golden or Centennary anniversary of the creation of your company. Beyond that there are a plethora of other potential newstories that the local media and your target media / audience would be interested in – these could include a new product launch, a move to new premises, recruitment of new staff, expansion plans, new contracts and new clients etc.

At Rhetoric, we will produce an inventive, eye catching press release for as little as £39-99, which could be distributed to your chosen media via e-mail. Although we do not distribute the press release, we will put you in touch with FREE distribution websites. In addition to press release writing, Rhetoric can produce high quality, creative editorial and advertorials for your selected media, for as little as £59-99. This includes writing editorial for your website, brimming with unique content and key word rich.

Google logoFinally, I would like to conclude with two tips: remember to add any press releases or newstories to your own website, to increase relevant, salient and unique content. Secondly, where you have had a story published, ask the publication in question to create a link from the article on their website through to your own website. A relevant, authoritative link like this will give your website “Brownie points” with Google and help increase your Google ranking.

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