Nestlé is resurrecting one of its most famous iconic characters – the blond-haired, bespectacled Milky Bar kid, but but on this occasion it is seeking “kidults” to play him.

The campaign by  Nestlé is the biggest ever marketing push for the Milky Bar brand, and breaks tonight with a TV commercial featuring a series of adults  masquerading in the all too familiar spectacles and ten gallon, cowboy hat. It promotes a new raisin-and-biscuit variant of the Milky Bar, targeted at the adult market. The marketing drive, developed by ad agency Santos, encourages members of the public to upload their own impersonation of the Milky Bar kid to, offering the best five the chance to appear in an outdoor advertising campaign this October.

The outdoor campaign inviting adults to become the Milky Bar Kid is the next phase of advertising. The white chocolate market is worth £70m and Milky Bar is the market leader – this is clearly an attempt by Nestle to increase it’s already dominant  60% market share by appealing to the adult consumer.

It occurs to me that Nestle could also run a celebrity version of the new Milky Bar “kidult”. Radio presenters, Chris Evans, Danny Baker and Timmy Mallett, would be obvious choices, but the confectionery manufacturer could further maximise on it’s publicity, by inviting “nerdy” bespectacled Big Brother contestants Andrew Edmonds and Sam Pepper to become Brand ambassadors. Sam Pepper revealed a propensity for dressing up over the weekend, when the Big Brother team set him the challenge / task of trying to pass off four fancy dress outfits they provided him with as his own wardrobe. I am sure Nestle would have no trouble in persuading him to dye his hair blond!! Chris Evans and the Big Brother contestants all represent the in vogue “geek chic”, and between them would appeal to a wide demographic, ranging from 16 to 55 year olds.

Let us know which celebrities you would nominate as potential brand ambassadors for Milky Bar??!!