Magic RoundaboutJonathan Ross’ announcement of his imminent departure from the BBC shores, has set in motion a merry go round in the ritzy, glitzy, world of showbiz.

Speculation is rife that Graham Norton, Chris Evans or Michael Mcintyre will be the lucky recipient of the Friday night chat show slot on BBC1, vacated by Jonathan Ross. Meanwhile, the pundits are backing a move to ITV for Ross, who will presumably be hired to replace the outgoing Harry Hill, who apparently is being headhunted, along with his ratings winner “TV Burp”, by Sky.

The whole “merry go round” charade is reminiscent of the iconic BBC children’s TV classic, “The Magic Roundabout”. Perhaps Channel 4 should re-launch the psychedelic sixties programme ( as they did in the late 1980’s ), with all the aforementioned “wacky” celebrities / funsters in the key roles! Jonathan Ross could play the long haired, shaggy Dougal, and Graham Norton would be perfect in a frock as Florence; meanwhile the hyperactive, animated Chris Evans could double as Zebedee, with Michael McIntyre and Harry Hill in the roles of the “stoned” Dylan and Brian the Snail respectively!!

A mad idea for a vehicle for a TV programme? Well stranger things have happened at sea and on Channel 5!!