RIP Ross – a great loss!!

January 7, 2010

WossyJonathan Ross’ imminent departure from the BBC is sad and shocking news. Despite his official statement, apparently he was offered a “derisory” new contract, which to all intents and purposes looks as if it was designed to force him out of the BBC!!

It appears that there is no place at the BBC for potential “loose cannons” like Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, who like all creative comic geniuses, sail close to the wind. Without edge, there is no creativity or comedy!! Ironically the architects of ,the so called “Sachgate” skit / scenario, now appear to be the victims of the demolition team! Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand have fallen foul of the sanitised, overzealous “compliance culture” at the BBC.

Put simply, you can’t put creative types in an “editorial straitjacket”. Jonathan Ross is the consummate broadcaster and communicator – unusually comfortable and adept on TV and radio. The BBC may feel that they have natural replacements for Ross’ BBC One chat show in Graham Norton, and on Radio Two with the launch of Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show next week, but I suspect their decision to let Ross go, will come back to haunt them.

As talented and funny, as Graham Norton and Chris Evans are, there is nobody quite like the modern day Oscar Wilde. Jonathan Ross is wit personified and I will really miss his creative streams of conciousness on a Saturday morning on Radio Two. In a cliched, uniform, homogenised, tired world, his originality, spontaneity and humour are a breath of fresh air and will be sadly missed by those of us who resent the rise of Tesco and lament the passing of the high street butcher, greengrocer, tinker, tailor and candlestick maker. In other words, we should start a campaign “Don’t let the individual become extinct”!!

For now Jonathan Ross is extinct in broadcasting terms, but he will evolve, metamorphosise and redefine himself, and like the Phoenix from the flames, he will rise from the ashes. See you soon “Wossy”.

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