Top Ten Tips on how to make the Press Release the perfect SEO vehicle for your Website

January 14, 2012

The Internet has resurrected the press release and given it a second wind. The press release is as valid today in the Digital era alongside Google and Social Media as it was when TV and Radio came along to challenge the supremacy of Newspapers and the print media in the 1930s and 1950s. Today the press release has a fundamental role and function in driving traffic to your website.

When it comes to effective Internet / Digital Marketing there are two certainties – Content is King and Google is God!! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most important factor behind this resurgence in the press release. With keywords, tags, links and multimedia content, the new “Social Media Release” attracts key audiences. The term “media release” is more relevant and appropriate than press release because the “press” are just one component audience in a truly multimedia world!! There are so many audiences that might be potentially interested in your topic, issues, company, product or industry ie journalists, analysts, consumers, partners, competitors, and potential employees.

Although well crafted prose is still required, developing an effective press release in the era of SEO and social media requires a change in approach. Here are ten tips to help you handle that change and truly optimise your press releases.

Top Ten Tips on how to make the Press Release the perfect SEO vehicle

1. Research Keywords

Type potential keywords into tools like Google AdWords and Google Suggest,, Wordtracker, to ascertain which keywords interested parties are searching with, and their frequency of usage.

2. Speak the Same Language

Remember that your keywords are the ones that your consumers and target audiences are using, not necessarily the ones you use. For example, if you’re talking about films and your customers are typing in “movies,” you may be losing clicks and sales to your competition. Avoid buzzwords and jargon.

3. Recount a Coherent Story

Even in the age of SEO, content is still and will remain king. It is still vital to write clearly, concisely and coherently. Retain your keywords in the forefront of your mind when you write – but in a 300 to 400 word press release, use your keywords sparingly ie only three to five keywords.

4. Exploit Your Headlines

Keep headlines and subheadings in the press release brief and salient. Use the top one or two keywords within the first 65-100 characters of the headline. Search engines read from left to right and some have a 100-character limit for headlines, so make sure your headline is direct and compact. And because search engines read like we do, top to bottom, use keywords in the first two paragraphs of the press release for maximum impact.

5. Use Short Paragraphs

An optimised press release is easily shared – the more inbound links it gets from readers, the higher it will rank with search engines. Information blocks in 140-character chunks are perfect for re-tweeting.

6. Utilise Hyperlinks

Don’t lose sight of your primary goals ie to use your press release to get your message out, increase your website traffic, and better understand your customers and prospects. Remember that anchor text – hyperlinked keywords – takes readers to web pages where they can get more corporate or product information.

7. Exercise Self Control & Restraint

If you overuse keywords or anchor text, you risk alienating both the reader and search engine. Likewise, offer only two to three hyperlinks per 400-word press release to make sure each link has the most impact.

8. Link to Multiple Relevant Pages

You need only link once to your home page. Use the other hyperlinks in your press release to direct readers to other more relevant, pages on your website that they might find useful and of interest.

9. Utilise Multimedia

Be adventurous by adding video, images, graphics, podcasts to the press release. You’ll get more clicks and traffic and your videos and images will also be indexed on search engines.

10. Use a Press Release Distribution Website

A good press release is only as good as it’s distribution. Therefore use a credible, authoritative Press Release Distribution website. I would recommend PR Web or Cisionwire.

Search Engines and SEO have not changed the basic principles of press release writing. However writing a press release that is compact, concise, direct and engaging is more important than ever before. There are few guarantees in corporate life other than business deaths and taxes, but combine the basics with these Top Ten Tips and you will be guaranteed a greater online visibility and profile and increased web traffic.

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