Common sense prevails as English Heritage steps in to save Abbey Road Studios.

February 28, 2010

english heritageAs a footnote to last week’s blog article, “Will Sir Paul McCartney save the Shrine to the Beatles?”, it is pleasing to report that culture has won over crass commercialism, as English Heritage have been given the green light to save Abbey Road Studios for the nation.

After years of typical government bureaucratic procrastination, English Heritage have been allowed to class Abbey Road Studios as a Grade II listed building, thereby protecting it from demolition by the avaricious property developers’ bulldozer, or acquistion by Arabic Sheiks.

In the end a patron of the arts, in the form of Lord Andrew Webber or Sir Paul McCartney was not required. Undoubtedly their intervention in conjunction with a national outcry, fuelled and supported by the media forced the hands of the powerbrokers in Whitehall and Westminster, thereby preventing EMI casting the venerable building aside as if it were no more than an outdated Victorian public toilets!!

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