The BBC should not be shamed into closing down the cutting edge 6 Music – instead we should close the House of Commons!!

March 25, 2010

The clamour for the re-instatement of BBC 6 Music is growing vociferously and vocally day by day.

John PeelAnd that’s the way it should be!! BBC 6 Music provides a half way house for listeners too mature for Radio One, but not “geriatric” enough for Radio Two. It is inventive, creative and champions new music, as a legacy of the mandate left by the legendary, late and lamented John Peel. It seems that the BBC is being shamed into making unnecessary cuts to perfectly valid services, in order to appease public opinion, fuelled by the opportunistic Conservative Party, devoid of real policies in the build up to the General Election. It is criminal that the Conservatives are making political mileage from the bandwagon driven by the post Brand / Ross faux pas last year.

This stance taken by David Cameron and the Conservative Party plays of course into the hands of the BBC’s commercial rivals, who in the face of haemorrhaging advertising revenue, are displaying all the traits of a jealous, petulant child in the playground!! There is no need for Mark Thompson to don sack cloth and ashes – we should not make the Director General and the BBC  martyrs for a recession that was not of their making. The only crime that the BBC has committed is to try too hard to justify it’s remit through public funding. In the light of  the corruption to be found in the corridors of the House of Commons, there should be a saintly halo atop Broadcasting House.

One response to “The BBC should not be shamed into closing down the cutting edge 6 Music – instead we should close the House of Commons!!”

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