What will the kids of today do for childhood memories when they are the adults of tomorrow?!!

January 26, 2010

Denis the menaceIPC Media have announced they are to re-launch Melody Maker, the music newspaper that in recent times shared a stable  with the thoroughbred NME ( New Musical Express ) when the two  publications merged in 2000.

Briefly and fleetingly the news of the return of one of the many prodigal iconic sons from the seventies, heralded a trumpet fanfare in the recess of my mind occupied by nostalgia.

My mind was racing! Could there be a return to Radio One disc jockeys, with bloated egos to match their waistlines and salaries, vinyl 45s and the much vaunted Top 30 “Pop Parade”?! In the early 1970s the UK literally stopped in it’s tracks with a buzz of anticipation at 12-45pm each Tuesday, when Radio One DJ Johnnie Walker played the new Top 5 best selling records ( straight after Newsbeat with Laurie Mayer ).

Equally we were all busy “downloading” the latest tunes on our radio cassette recorders on a Sunday between 6 and 7pm as Tom Browne did his weekly rundown of the charts on Radio One and Two.

And before our obsession with music during our teen years, there was the cult like immersion in the world of comics, whether it be The Beano, Dandy, Beezer or Topper…………………….

Just as I was about to believe in a return to the certainties of the seventies with characters like Desperate Dan, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, I crashed back through to the 21st Century as I discovered that the kids of today have no time for the infantile and puerile comic!!  The reason being they are too busy producing their own highbrow, serious minded newspapers!!

In the same week we learned of the return of Melody Maker, the Leicester Mercury launched the 16 page “The Wave”, written, edited and sourced by young people.

Undoubtedly a very laudable and commendable read, covering a broad spectrum of social, cultural and political subjects. However as educational as this is, for adolescent scribe and reader alike, is this not another example of society forcing kids to behave like mini adult consumers and grow up too early?!!


Celebrities star in Beano comic

New Statesman

Published 19 February 2010

The special sports edition of the Beano comic, which is to be published ahead of Sport relief Weekend from 19 March to 21 March, will feature a host of celebrities who will take on some of the comic’s best-known characters.

The former X Factor contestants JLS, the England all-rounder Stuart Broad, British singer Alesha Dixon, boxer Amir Khan, football player Michael Owen, and rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio can be seen in the comic.

JLS will be portrayed taking on Dennis the Menace and his Dinmakers in the ultimate Battle of the Bands.

Dixon will feature in the 32-page mini magazine, joining Minnie the Minx in a spot of tomato catapulting after they meet at a Sport Relief hula-hooping event.

Broad will be seen teaching Roger the Dodger the lesson of good sportsmanship. Owen and the Bash Street Kids will be caught in a football master class.

The Beano characters hope to encourage readers to take part in the Sport Relief Mile on 21 March.

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