Environmental summit farce during pantomime season

January 6, 2010

Climate ChangeClearly global warming is nothing to worry about, judging by the arrogant complacency displayed by world leaders and their envoys just prior to Xmas, as they embraced the true spirit of the pantomine season.

I trust that the world leaders, delegates, government officials, mandarins and general freeloaders enjoyed their two week holiday break ( at the global taxpayers expense ) in Copenhagen’s finest hotels!!

Obviously their dismissive attitude is indicative of the fact that they are either simply not taking the issue seriously and / or are as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot!!

Either way, they don’t appear to give a damn about polluting the environment, as long as there is no effluence on their doorstep. Therefore I suggest that we all “re-cycle” our Christmas trash and refuse in our local MP’s garden!! The problem is that indirectly we will pay for the gardens to be tidied up and manicured as no doubt the “clean up operation” will be claimed by the MP’s as a legitimate expense!!

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