How the Government, retailers and marketeers must wish that they could bottle the essence of good will generated by the World Cup and the Flaming June heatwave.

July 16, 2010

Marketing Week magazine this week reported that “UK retail sales were boosted by hot weather and the World Cup in June, according to the latest British Retail Consortium figures. Total sales increased 3.4% compared to the same month last year and like-for-like sales rose 1.2%”.  Stephen Robertson, director general of the BRC commented in the article – ” ‘In the food sector, barbeque products, salads and ready meals were in demand but very significantly sales slowed following England’s exit form the World Cup. In non-food areas, sales of TVs were considerably boosted by the World Cup and outdoor garden products buoyed by the hot weather’ “.  Since both heatwave and World Cup came to an end simultaneously last Sunday evening, it begs the question how will this impact on public morale, and therefore on consumer spending?

As the Spanish continue to bask in World Cup winning euphoria and a summer heatwave as a temporary distraction from their chronic economic malaise, for Britain there is no where to hide from the reality of economic Armageddon, following 13 years of New Labour’s financial profligacy. Every day that passes the new Coalition Government announce radical, scything cuts to our mainstream public services – policing, health and education. No doubt the Government were hoping that the England football team would progress through to the latter stages of the World Cup,  in order to create a good month to bury bad news!!

In the event, England’s match performances were hugely disappointing, and although a run through to the World Cup semi finals as in 1990, would have merely papered over the cracks in the wailing wall of our economy, it would at least have generated a good will factor to carry us through these bleak days of despondency for a little while longer. As it was, for two weeks in June we all basked in a steamy tropical climate and in an even steamier expectation and euphoria of England doing great things, to help put a bandage over our battered national ego and esteem.

How the Govenment gurus, retailers, marketeers and public relations professionals alike must wish that they could bottle the essence of this intangible good will we all felt fleetingly for two weeks in “Flaming June”.  If they could contain that feeling and bottle it, they could pour some “England Euphoria Essence” over all of us at intervals during the four or five year nuclear winter of austerity and deprivation that will surely follow that one month of glorious summer!!

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