The Leaders Debate – you can’t get a Rizla paper between their policies. If only they offered a contrast in opinions like the BNP and Marmite!!

April 23, 2010

Marmite JarOn the day that Unilever threatened to take legal action against Nick Griffin and the BNP, for using a jar of Marmite in their U Tube promotion, after last night’s televised “Leaders Debate” the viewer was left thinking that it’s a shame that mainstream politics isn’t more like Marmite, offering a contrast in opinions.

As Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats all fight for that narrow section of middle ground, the voter’s Rizla packlack of real choice becomes more and more apparent. There was a time when you could navigate an oilt tanker between the differing ideaologies of the mainstream parties. Now you would struggle to force a Rizla paper between their policies. Infact, if one of them had lit up a spliff on the podium, I’d vote for them for having the temerity and imagination to do it on live television!!

In the absence of a Marmite jar on the podium, there was nothing from the Party Leaders to evoke a “love or hate” sentiment. On the basis that Gordon Brown and the New / Old Labour Party have had their day in the sun, and presided over the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, we are left with the choice of two men. The problem is that David Cameron and Nick Clegg, are both great on style, but lack substance. You could drive one of their “campaign buses” through the holes in their policies. They are vacuous in the extreme, although it has to be said that Cameron’s “Big Idea for a Big Society” eclipses everything else. I can only think that it was thought up on the spur of the moment, on the hoof, by a donkey!!

LeadersIf it isn’t bad enough that the leading protagonists and their policies cannot be separated and therefore border on the bland and banal, then Gordon Brown’s descent into denial over his part in the cash and credit catastrophe of the last two and a half years, beggars belief!! His distancing of himself from the events of the last thirteen years, most of which he presided over as Chancellor of the Exchequer, is frankly ludicrous. He is as delusional now as Prime Minister, as he was as Chancellor when he repeatedly told us that his stewardship of the economy meant the “end of boom and bust”. That was his mantra then, and has now become the epitaph on the gravestone of his political career!!

As the Election campaign proceeds, the manifesto of the modern day Lord Sutch and the Monster Raving Looney Party is beginning Lord Sutchto appeal – yes, it’s frightening but Nigel Farage and UKIP are beginning to make sense!! Thank God, the campaign isn’t running for a couple of months; I might start entertaining Nick Griffin’s BNP!!

So that’s the choice, folks – the banal, the bland, the bombastic or just plain bad!! I think I’ll roll a joint to obliterate the next two painful weeks – and when I get the “munchies”, I might treat myself to Marmite on toast…….

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