Chris Evans is in pole position on the grid for the BBC Post Ross Race!! Jonathan Ross’ future seems less certain, although he would make a great Doctor Who!!

April 13, 2010

After months of speculation, the BBC have finally confirmed that Chris Evans will replace Adrian Chiles on “The One Show” on a Friday evening.

As much as I like Adrian Chiles, heĀ  is beginning to suffer from over exposure, in the same way that Chris Evans did in the 1990s. He’s Chris Evansalso starting to develop the same bloated, misogynistic, egotistical and boorish nature, that went with Evans’ success. In fairness to Chris Evans, he has developed some perspective, self deprecation and humility after his self imposed exile in paradise with Billy Piper – it’s a hard life for some!

59052601Although Adrian Chiles has a very down to earth, blokey demeanour, I fear that over exposure has bred a certain contempt for him in certain quarters. Very few presenters can avoid and ultimately survive the heavy scrutiny and forensic dissection that goes with presenting multi platforms / vehicles on TV, as Jonathan Ross has found out to his cost in recent times.

It seems to me that the ambitious Chris Evans is manoeuvring his way to pole position on the grid, in readiness for Ross’ departure from the BBC in July. This being the case, I hope he doesn’t become the deluded and deranged monster he became the last time he was so omniscient on TV and radio!! I’m sure the astute broadcaster will not fall into that trap again, particularly as he is a much more rounded, mellow father and husband these days.

There seem to be few other competitors to fill the “Ross Role or Hole” at the BBC, with the exception of Graham Norton, who has his Jonathan Rossown Monday night chatshow and currently anchors “Over the Rainbow” on Saturday and Sunday nights. In truth, having created a bit of a “Frankenstein’s monster” in Jonathan Ross, the BBC probably want to avoid another oligarch, and spread the workload more evenly amongst their top talent. Hence the appointment of Claudia Winkleman as Ross’ replacement on the film review show.

As for Jonathan Ross, broadcasters are hardly queuing up to sign him up, after negotiations with Channel Four broke down. He is currently the media equivalent of a hot potato. However his creativity and intelligence is such, that he is bound to re-invent himself – if it weren’t for Matt Smith’s recent appointment, he could have metamorphosised and re-generated into Doctor Who!! Maybe next time, he would fit that role perfectly……

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