Rule Britannia…..Britannia still rules the airwaves, but only just!!

February 18, 2010

Brit Awards 2010Following the glittering 30th Anniversary Brit Awards, broadcast live on ITV on Tuesday evening, Britain’s position as market leader in the music business may be in peril!

The live performances of British acts such as Lily Allen, Dizzee Rascal, Cheryl Cole and Kasabian were eclipsed by America’s finest – Alicia Keys’ duet with Jay Z and Lady Ga Ga almost stole the show. It was only Robbie Williams’ finale that tilted the balance back in favour of Britannia.

If the musical playing field on either side of The Atlantic Ocean has been levelled, then what is not in dispute is British television’s ability to put on a spectacular TV show. When it comes to entertainment, the good news is that Britannia still rules the waves of the Ocean that divides our two nations. The Brit Awards Ceremony was a colourful and majestic pageant, that took the breath away.

Lily Allen’s typically girly, cheeky opening act, supported bizarrely by a cavalcade of prams ( presumably donated by Mothercare! ) set the scene and the standard for the evening. You know when an Awards  Ceremony has hit the ultimate heights, when the appearance of Dame Shirley Bassey, The Queen of Glamour and Shimmering Ballgowns, almost goes unnoticed!!

The extravaganza continued with Lady Ga Ga’s mesmerising, hypnotic performance and was matched by Florence and The Machine, ably supported by ten harpists, presumably loaned by St Peter’s Heavenly and Pearly Gatehouse!! It’s fair to say that Florence and Dizzee Rascal dovetailed very well during their duet.

By the time Cheryl Cole reached the stage, the acts were too hard for her to follow and her performance was as wet and plastic as the raincoat she sported!!  One assumes that the raincoat  was there to protect her from the Niagara Falls of the nation’s tears, shed over her husband’s continued infidelity!!

The Brit Awards 2010 only went from the sublime to the ridiculous on a couple of occasions. Somewhat unsurprisingly Liam Gallagher was his usual vulgar and uncouth self, when dumping Oasis’ Award for Best Album of the last 30 years ( for “What’s The Story Morning Glory” ) into the audience. I’m sure his infinitely more talented brother Noel would have been more appreciative and gracious – after all as the songwriter, he knows how much graft and craft went into creating such a great album!!

If there was a special award for “The Bizarre”, it would have gone to Jonathan Ross’ presentation of the Best Female Artist award to Lily Allen. The combination of his manic bowler hatted performance, combined with Lily’s orange wig was reminiscent of a scene from the film “A Clockwork Orange”!!

The Brit Awards 2010 did Britannia proud. Forget the Oscars, when it  comes to putting on a show, the British are the business and still rule supreme!!

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