Will Postman Pat deliver for ITV?

March 21, 2010

If you will pardon the pun, surely ITV’s appointment of the Royal Mail’s Adam Crozier as Chief Executive to replace Michael Grade, is a “retrograde” step.

Postman PatMichael Grade, descendant of Lew Grade, comes from a dynasty steeped in a history of creative, dynamic TV programme production. If you will forgive a second pun coming so soon after the first, Adam Crozier’s track record with the Royal Mail is “nothing to write home about”!! Judging by the Royal Mail’s recent less than punctual morning delivery service, GMTV will be appearing on our screens around lunchtime!

Adam Crozier is not renowned for being creative and inventive, which are surely necessary attributes required for this prestigious role? Furthermore it is perfectly acceptable to question his judgement. As Chief Executive of The Football Association, this is the man who presided over the appointment of  Sven Goran Eriksson as England football coach, on a £6million per annum salary. On the basis that England never went beyond the Quarter Finals of two World Cups and a European Championship, was this an astute move? On top of that many feel that Sven Goran Eriksson brought the game and the FA institution into disrepute, with his ill advised public philandering!!

In the end time will tell whether Adam Crozier will deliver for ITV. If not Postman Pat is waiting in the wings as the next Chief Executive!!

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